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​Advanced Interpretation

To better understand that results of the cement bond log, additional information from the well can be evaluated.

The following list of well documents and relevant information assist in creating a better understanding of wellbore enviroment.

  • Well Surveys
  • Cementation Report: Pre-job plan, Pressure vs time log, cement type, UCA, compressive strength, 
  • Mud reports: for before cementation and logging mud
  • Caliber log
  • Geology/sampler's log
  • Pipe Tally with casing details, centralisers, downhole equipment and connection type
  • Temperature and pore pressure profile
  • Sonic, density and porosity logs
  • And anything relevant to the wellbore.

The list of items are critical in creating a study of the wellbore conditions that led up to the cementation results.

We will preform advanced interpretation study of the logged section and document it in a detailed report for an additional cost to the standard report.

As soon as the list of items have been provided, the advanced report will be started.  Expected time to complete the report is approx. 2 to 3 weeks depending on current workload. 

Logging data can also be sent through the services of the logging company by providing us with the access link and login information. 
Reports are provided in English or in German.  Translations into other languages can also be provided if required.


We promise to provide the best work possible with modern tools. To support this, we guarantee your expectations by providing 100% money back on the creation of your report and the interpretation included.

If you are in the process of measuring your wells with cased hole tools like PMIT, USIT and/or CBL.VDL, we can support you with interpretation services and money can be saved.  ArchDrill provides support to wellbore owners in running cased hole wireline campaigns. We also provide Cement bond log interpretation service for wireline logging data concerning casing integrity. This is provided in the form of a custom made report which meets your reporting requirements.

In your office or on the wellsite, we can support your operations.