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Well Integrity -- Casing Evaluation

​Gain more out of your cased hole multifinger and ultrasonic measurement data through a casing evaluation from ArchDrill. Request an in-depth investigation for your casing and tubing based on the high resolution digital data from cased hole tools.

ArchDrill is an independent consulting company providing Third-Party evaluation and interpretation. 


The primary and secondary well barriers can be assessed for integrity, through the use of state of the art cased-hole logging tools.


Surface, Intermediate, or Production Casing are inspected for:

  • Cement Bond
  • Corrosion
  • Wall thickness loss
  • Ovality
  • Drilling or milling damage

Production Tubing

The tubing can be inspected for:

  • Wall Thickness
  • Inner Radius
    --Scale buildup
  • Burst Pressure
  • Collapse Pressure 

It is very important that a loss in cement bond or a development of corrosion in the well is detected early, therefore corrective actions can be taken before the problem escalates.

Uses for wireline measurements and their interpretation

  • Assess the Cement Bond
  • Measure the pipe's inner and outer diameter
  • Measure the pipe's wall thcikness
  • Inspect and evaluate the inner surface texture
  • Determine the rate of corrosion and erosion
  • Calculate the remaining operational safety factor
    collapse and burst)
  • Provide perforation inspection
  • Investigate leaks and annulus pressure build-up
30yr old 9 5/8" Tubing

Wireline Measurement Tools

These are the most commonly used tools on the market for evaluating casing integrity.

  • Cement Bond Log (CBL-VDL, SBT, SBL)
  • Ultra-sonic Imaging tools for cement bond and corrosion (USIT, URS, and CAST)
  • Multi-finger caliber (PMIT, MIT60, MIT40, MSC)
  • Magnetic and Electromagnetic Thickness tools (CIT, EMIT, and EMDS)
  • Multi-arm caliber tools (Open hole volume, EMC, 6-Arm)
Wireline Logging Truck


  • WellCAD from Advanced Logic Technologies (ALT)
  • Interactive Petrophysics
  • Landmark (Compass, Stresscheck, Wellplan)

Casing Evaluation

We are available to support your operation related to cased hole measurements and casing evaluation. Send us a PDF copy of your casing measurement with your scope of work and we will reply back with a quotation for the evaluation. All documentation will be handled confidentially. 

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