Interpretation of Cement Bond Logs
A critical part of Well Integrity

Prove safe oil and gas operations through Well Integrity Management

Cement bond log measurements and mechanical integrity evaluation are just two of the tools used for Well Integrity. Our support for your well consist of the areas related to casing integrity. Knowing the condition of the well concerning cementation and casing are the primary services that ArchDrill offers.

Well integrity, in regard to oil and gas wells, is defined by NORSOK D-010 as the "Application of technical, operational and organizational solutions to reduce risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the life cycle of a well.”  Wikipedia  

Gain Knowledge and Reduce Risk

An interpretation or evaluation was designed to increase knowledge and reduce risk. To make decisions based on the all available information is the goal of our reports. This is done through a holistic approach to well info and measurement data. 

In addition to oil and gas production wells, injection wells and storage wells​ are also evaluated to establish the condition of the casing integrity. 

Cement Bond Log Interpretation

Casing Evaluation 

Well Integrity includes Casing Integrity

Cementation and Casing Evaluation 

The evaluation of the casing integrity starts with planning and ends with the final abandonment. Through out the life of the well that casing and tubing has to be monitored for integrity in order to prove that safe operations are being maintained. A loss in the safety of the primary or secondary barriers may result in a catastrophic disaster. This can be avoided through wireline measurements and in-depth evaluations / data interpretations.

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Cement Bond Log Interpretation

 Mechanical Integrity Evaluation 

As a part of the analysis, we require more than a PDF log from the measurements. Our preference is to import digital logging data into our software for more in-depth analysis. Rather that being limited to the depth scaled data in the logs like 1:1000 or 1:200, we can zoom in and out to better view that data with a scales like 1:5000 or 1:50 or even 1:1 for high resolution data. We also have the flexibility to modify the curve scale and image colors to improve the presentation. Ideally, we like to use the DLIS files which have compressed digital data with the images included. 

Cement Bond Log Interpretation

Wireline logging data presented on one page to aid the interpretation by creating an overview.

Reduce risk with ArchDrill by inspecting oil, gas, geothermal and storage wells. You would like to make you decisions faster with the most accurate information possible. We will assist and support your engineers with a second opinion. Why wait any longer.


The primary and secondary well barriers can be assessed for integrity, through the use of state of the art cased-hole logging tools.


Surface, Intermediate, or Production Casing are inspected for:

  • Cement Bond
  • Corrosion
  • Wall thickness loss
  • Ovality
  • Drilling damage

Production Tubing

The tubing can be inspected for:

  • Wall Thickness
  • Inner Radius
    --Scale buildup
  • Burst PRessure
  • Collapse Pressure
  • Connections

It is very important that a loss in cement bond or a development of corrosion in the well is detected early, therefore corrective actions can be taken before the problem escalates. Cement bond log interpretation is an important step in this.


To inspect the condition of the production tubing and casing, the engineering team from ArchDrill will provide you with these services:

Project and Measurement Planning
  • Prepare studies and report
  • Estimate time & cost
  • Provide Risk analysis
  • Assess well barriers
  • Write specifications for wireline services
Measurement Operations
  • Tender casing measurements and evaluate technical/commercial bids
  • Submit recommendations
  • Design working programs
  • Schedule and call-out equipment and services
  • Supervise measurements onsite as third party
Cement bond log interpretation
  • Evaluate data against established quality control criteria
  • Perform preliminary field evaluation onsite
  • Write final interpretation report (German or English as required)
  • Provide logging data archiving
    (Paper, CD, Digital server)

If you are in the process of measuring your wells with cased hole tools like Multifinger (PMIT, MIT, MSC), Ultrasonic (USIT, URS, CAST) and/or Cement Bond Log (CBL-VDL, SBT, SBL, RBT) we can support you with interpretation services and money can be saved.  

ArchDrill provides support to wellbore owners in running cased hole wireline campaigns. We also provide Cement bond log interpretation service for wireline logging data concerning casing integrity. This is provided in the form of a custom made report which meets your reporting requirements.

In your office or on the wellsite, we can support your operations.

Why Interpretations are the Secret Ingredient.

Cement Evaluation Company

To help engineers have an overview of the data, the cement and corrosion log curves are imported into a compact presentation and combined with a report explaining the type of measurements used and the results measured. Additionally, the meters of wireline logs are compressed onto an A4 page with annotations and added to the report as an attachment. This provides an overview of the measurement data so that everyone can view and understand it. The summary of the report states the current operational condition of the casing or tubing.  This is very helpful for downhole completion work and finalizing the project documentation.

Cement Bond Log Interpretation

Casing Evaluation 


As an engineering company we are supporting the oil and gas industry on both land and offshore projects. We are located in Hannover, Germany, and have been established to provide you with casing integrity evaluation services. ArchDrill was incorporated under German law in June of 2015 as a German GmbH. With over 10 years of working in the German oil and gas industry, Paul Talley became the majority owner and founder of the company and also holds the legal position of chief executive officer (CEO). He is an expert in the interpretation of casing and cementation measurements. It is our commitment to offer you the best possible service with quality and integrity.

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